Using OpenDNS for Parental Control


OpenDNS Family Shield

  • Pre-configured DNS servers to block adult related sites
  • No need to sign up and configure

DNS Servers

OpenDNS Home

  • Sign up and configure what to block


DNS Servers

Enforce to use only OpenDNS servers

On each computer

  • Set the computers (laptops, desktops, mobile devices etc.) to use openDNS servers
  • Restrict access to changing DNS server in computers (Remove administrator access/role from the child account)

On the router (network edge)

  • Set the router DNS servers to OpenDNS servers
  • Add firewall rule to block all traffic to port 53 and only allow traffic to port 53 of OpenDNS servers

Example firewall rules using OpenDNS Home Servers:

BLOCK TCP/UDP IN/OUT all IP addresses on Port 53
ALLOW TCP/UDP IN/OUT to or on Port 53

Block a specific DNS Server with “Static Routing”

Example to block Google DNS server by adding a static routing rule

  • Use an ip address other that actual router ip address as gateway.
    • E.g. if router ip address is, use
Destination Network:	
Subnet Mask:	

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