Day: December 20, 2020

Git Commit Message Convention

The reasons for these conventions: automatic generating of the changelog explicit commit history simple navigation through git history easier to write automated tools on top of commit history Commit message format: The commit contains the following structural elements, to communicate intent to the consumers of your library: fix: a commit of the type fix patches a bug in your …

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JavaScript: ArrayBuffer and TypedArray

JavaScript typed arrays split the implementation into buffers and views. A buffer (implemented by the ArrayBuffer object) is an object representing a chunk of data; it has no format to speak of and offers no mechanism for accessing its contents. In order to access the memory contained in a buffer, you need to use a view. A view provides a …

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Working with Slack Bot

See: Basic Slack app setup See Your Created Apps to get bot token Initial Setup Get Channel Info A conversation object contains information about a channel-like thing in Slack. It might be a public channel, a private channel, a direct message, or a multi-person direct message. See: Need to add some permission to list …

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