Dev Tools

Go Tooling

Notes based on: Go Tooling in Action – YouTube go build go install go get go get -d: download the code, but do not compile anything. go get -u: even if the code is already stored in GOPATH, download the latest version. go get -v: enable verbose mode. See: The Go tool will first try …

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Git Cheat Sheet & Visual

git diff –  changes in working directory. git diff –cached – changes in staging area. git diff HEAD – changes in working directory and staging area. Also See

Install cheat and tldr cheat tldr Assume node.js already installed.

SSH Notes

Disable SSH root login Fix SSH timeout issue on ssh client

Virtualbox Notes

To get a new ip for vm, change network adapter type to “Bridge Adapter” and refresh “MAC Address” To copy and paste between vm and host machine, set “Shared Clipboard” to “Bidirectional” under General > Advanced tab To resize VirtualBox window size, choose “Insert Guest Addtions CD image ..” under “Devices” on menu bar and …

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