AWS CDK Cheat Sheet

Documentation CDK Constructs Library TypeScript API Reference Best Practices Examples Some Gotchas When synthesizing an AWS CDK stack, I get the messageĀ –app is required either in command-line, in cdk.json or in ~/.cdk.json This message usually means that you …

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Downloading Files using Google Drive API

See: Google Cloud SDK (gcloud CLI) Create project in Enable Google Drive API in console Using gcloud cli: gcloud doesn’t provide command to access google drive. Install gdrive After entering verification code from browser: -q, –query <query> –order <sortOrder> OrderBy sets the optional parameter “orderBy”: A comma-separated list of sort keys. …

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Google Cloud SDK (gcloud CLI)

Installation options Home Brew: Official: gcloud CLI gcloud init – initialize or reinitialize gcloud See: gcloud auth – manage credentials  gcloud auth login – authorize gcloud to access Google Cloud Platform with Google user credentials gcloud auth list – lists credentialed accounts gcloud auth activate-service-account – authorize access to Google Cloud Platform …

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AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) – Big Picture

Big Picture Infrastructure as code in TypeScript and Python etc. CDK includes Command line interface (CLI) tool Language bindings to CloudFormation resources Construct Library A Construct is a logical grouping of one or more resources Constructs are reusable cloud components Types of CDK Constructs CFN Resources or L1 Construct (or L1, short for “level 1”) or …

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screen CheatSheet

~/.screenrc Example screen config file: .screenrc Start a new screen session Start a new screen session with session name List screen sessions Attach a screen session <name> can be the part of the session name (search term) if there is no conflict. If the search term match multiple session names, the attach will fail. Detach …

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AWS CLI CheatSheet

Install aws-cli on macOS Based on: Configure default profile AWS Access Key ID AWS Secret Access Key Default region name Default output format Configure a specific profile List default profile information List all profile names Get Access Key ID List all profiles credentials Changing default profile

Random Strings and Password Generator

Python 3: secrets module string module secrets module See: Random Strings for Bash For macOS, add env LC_ALL=C to avoid error: tr: Illegal byte sequence Example Strong Password with tr and /dev/urandom For macOS, add env LC_ALL=C to avoid error: tr: Illegal byte sequence Also see: